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The Snob Sorority

"Welcome to The Snob Sorority, Humiliation roleplay and home to some of the best findoms in sl. We have perfected the art of Financial Domination and Erotic Humiliation, offering an experience comparable to none on the grid.

To put it frankly, we are snobs; bratty and beautiful Goddesses who know exactly how to get what we want. We demand what we deserve and show no mercy. Cash cows beware. You will be completely drained and totally addicted after submitting to a TSS sister. 

We use many kinky fetishes to manipulate our money pigs, including Small penis humiliation, cock and ball torture, forced bi, sissification, racial degradation, verbal abuse, smoking, chasity, tease and denial, BDSM, and much much more!

Our girls are screened and verified so you can feel confident you are getting the real deal. Only pay ladies with the TSS group tag. Ready to serve the Goddess of your dreams? Click any of the adboards in the sorority house and contact us for a session or interest in serving. Make sure you have your wallet ready loser!"

(This place profiles as a findom, but also subbies with an empty wallet are welcome)

Owner: ♔Goddess Lola
Managers: ♔Madame Niobe ♔
                  ♔ Michiko ♔
Group: The Snob Society (free to join)
Location:  Eccentric Paradise  (95,220,38)